Farmoor is a small village of some 260 households set in attractive green belt country in the parish of Cumnor, situated between Eynsham and Botley on the junction of the B4044 and the B4017 to Cumnor. Its main attractions are the reservoir, which is a centre for sailing, and windsurfing, fishing and birdwatching, and a nature reserve at nearby Pinkhill. The village also has a shop (which specialises in South African produce), a church, a licensed village hall, two small industrial/business estates, two play areas, and a branch of an overseas university.

A social club meets every Saturday and there are clubs for art, photography, indoor bowls, keep fit, and a Womens' Institute group. The River Thames is adjacent to the village with the attraction of Pinkhill lock and walks across country to nearby villages. It has excellent bus services to Oxford, WItney, and beyond. It has easy access to a range of hospitals, shops, schools, visitor attractions, Churches, sports facilities, nursing homes, and libraries.

Historically, the area was known as the tything of Stroud. Farmoor Common was an open field within the tything, now under the reservoir. When the village was developed in the early years of the twentieth century, it took its name from the Common.